Sunday, October 12, 2014

Milk the blog : A new site similar to Bubblews

The competitors to Bubblews are increasing day by day. Every few months, a new revenue sharing website is launched which is similar in concept to Bubblews. However, none of such websites were able to pay better or even equal to Bubblews. However, another new website has been launched recently that looks similar to Bubblews in concept as well as in compensation.

The site's name is Milk the blog. The name sounds quite weird, but it's a good site as compared to other copies of Bubblews. You just have to write short posts on Milk the blog to earn money. There is no limit on the number of posts you post everyday. You can post as many posts as you want.

The compensation plan of Milk the blog looks quite attractive. They offer you $0.01 for every single page view that your post gets. Not just that, you will also receive $0.02 for every comment made on your post. However, your own comments are not counted for this.

Payments are calculated every month and are paid via PayPal after 15th of every month. In order to redeem your earnings, you must first reach the minimum redemption threshold of $15. There is also a referral plan under which you will get $1 per valid referral. A valid referral is one who joins Milk The Blog and makes his first redemption of $15.

Milk the blog looks quite promising, but there is one problem with it. The site is not open for everyone. Instead, you must be atleast 18 years old and a resident of USA, Canada, Europe, UK or Australia in order to become a member at Milk the blog. If you are not from any of these locations, you will not be able to see the sign up page. I hope they will soon start accepting members from other countries too.

Visit Milk the blog


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