Sunday, October 26, 2014

List of sites similar to Bubblews

Bubblews is a social network that pays you to post. You will get paid $0.01 for every view, like and comment on your posts. However, the increasing number of complains against Bubblews has affected people's trust on Bubblews. As a result, people are searching for some other sites which are similar in concept with Bubblews. Below is a list of some genuine sites which are similar to Bubblews:

Daily Two Cents : Daily Two Cents is a website where members can post short posts. The minimum length of your posts should be 100 words. For every 1000 views, you will get paid $5 directly into your PayPal account. The site is genuine and has been paying its members on time. There are no payment complains against this site so far. So, it is one of the best alternative to Bubblews.

Milk the blog : It is a newly launched website and seems very similar in concept to Bubblews. The minimum allowed length for your posts is 100 words. They will pay you $0.01 per view which is similar to Bubblews. For every comment that your post gets, you will receive $0.02. The problem with this site is that it doesn't accept members from all over the world. Currently, members from USA, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia are allowed.

Newsline : Newsline is a website that allows you to post short news headlines. You can get the latest news from any news channel or a website and then write it in your own words on Newsline. The minimum length of your post should be 50 words. Your post will get through a process of approval. If it is approved, you will get $1 for your post.

Persona paper : This site is a copy of Bubblews, but their pay rate is very low. Currently, they are paying $0.001 for every view, comment or like that your post gets. The minimum allowed length for your posts is 500 characters. You can redeem your earnings via PayPal once you have accumulated $5 in your account.

This is my latest list of sites similar to Bubblews. I'll keep on updating this list from time to time. There was also a site called Teckler which was similar to Bubblews. But, that site is dead now, so don't look for it. Try the above mentioned Bubblews alternatives and tell me about your experience with them.

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