Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A proof of how much you can earn on Daily Two Cents

All those people who are looking for other opportunities than Bubblews are going for Daily Two Cents. Daily Two Cents is not as rewarding as Bubblews, but it is more reliable than it. If you earn something on Daily Two Cents, you will surely get that into your PayPal account without any worries. But, the people who join Daily Two Cents are very much worried about the earning potential of this site. Their concern is valid because they have already been cheated bu Bubblews and they don't want to get cheated again. So, I am writing this article to get you a basic idea about earning potential of Daily Two Cents.

Daily Two Cents is a new revenue sharing website. You don't need an Adsense account to earn on Daily Two Cents. You just need to pot your content and you will be paid at a fixed rate of $5 per thousand views on your posts. I decided to join this site to see how much I can earn there as a new member. I have completed around 2 months on that site. However, I was not very active there. I hardly post anything there. However, I have posted 32 posts so far on Daily Two Cents. I am satisfied with the statistics of my posts. You can see these statistics below.

Over the period of 2 months, I have got over 1600 views on my 32 posts. This is not bad because now I am getting around 40 to 100 views daily on my posts even if I don't post anything. If I post a single post, I will surely get over 100 views or more for that. That's really cool because as the number of posts increases, your daily views increase too.

I am just trying to post more on Daily Two Cents because this will allow me to earn more there. If you join Daily Two Cents and keep on posting at least one post per day, you will surely see your earnings increasing day by day. Daily Two Cents is a good revenue sharing site for people who love to write short articles. I think you must give it a try.


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