Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adhexa review and eCPM rate

Adhexa is a new ad network that was started in 2014. It is a CPM network, so you need not to worry whether your website visitors click on the advertisements or not. Also, the sign up process is also easy and you'll get fast approval for your website. You just have to fill the sign up form and verify your email address. After that, you will be able to get the Ad code.

There is no minimum traffic requirement to apply for Adhexa. They are accepting low traffic websites too. However, your website should not contain any adult, criminal, drugs, violence and alcohol content.

Their dashboard is also simple and easy to understand. The data they show on dashboard is the real time data. So, you will always get the latest statistics on your dashboard. Their eCPM rates are usually higher than other ad networks. I am getting an eCPM of atleast $0.3. Have a look over the below screenshot to get an idea.


Adhexa follows NET30 and NET7 payment schedules. They pay their members monthly by default. However, you can ask them o pay you on a weekly basis too.The minimum payout threshold is $5, which is quite easy to get if your website receives moderate amount of traffic daily. They are also giving a 7% referral cimmission.

Features of Adhexa ad network

  • Compensation type : CPM and CPC.
  • Minimum traffic requirement : None.
  • eCPM : Usually higher than $0.3.
  • Minimum Payment Threshold : $5.
  • Payment frequency : Net 30 and Net 7.
  • Payment methods : PayPal and Wired transfer.
  • Referral commission : 7%.


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