Friday, December 13, 2013

Is Bubblews a scam site?

People always have a desire to make some money online and Bubblews is the best option for them. Well, it appears so. However, this may not be true for everyone. Every single day, a lot of people join Bubblews in hope for earning some money. But, do they get it easily? Let's find out!

Bubblews is a revenue sharing website with the most controversial revenue sharing model. According to the website, you will get paid 1 cent for every page view, like/dislike and comment that your posts get. That means for 100 page views, you'll get $1 and for 1000 page views, you are getting $10. That's a very good amount as compared to other revenue sharing websites. But how Bubblews is able to give such a high reward to its members? Payment rates depend on the amount that an advertiser is willing to pay. What if an advertiser is not willing to pay more than $5 for 1000 views? So, practically, a website cannot promise you to pay a high fixed pay rate.

Also, the ads shown on Bubblews are mostly Google ads. Google clearly states that the revenue that it will share with the site owners is variable and depends on the country and the advertiser. In countries like USA, you will get high pay rates. But in some Asian countries, you can't expect such high pay rates. The irony is that most members on Bubblews are from Asian countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, India, etc. So, it is quite obvious that they can't pay you $10 for 1000 page views.

So, how do Bubblews pays it's members with this high pay rate? The answer to this question is "lost payments". In reality, majority of members on Bubblews don't get paid for their work. Let me explain you with an example.

Suppose there is a revenue sharing website that pays you per views. Suppose there are 1000 members on that site. The site earned a revenue which is equivalent to the earnings of 200 people. Now, if 500 people redeem their earnings, the website is unable to pay them all. So, the website is decided to pay only the 100 members and the rest of the revenue is is taken by the website.

In above example, the website rewarded 100 people while 400 members got cheated. Now those 400 people saw the posts of these 100 people and are surprised to see that these people are getting paid. So the cheated people think that they might have violated a rule. that is why they are not getting paid. If these people are cheated again and again, they query the website's support through an email. however, the website is busy in counting their money and selecting the next lucky 100 members who will get paid. So, the cheated members will never get a reply from the website. If in future, they are among those 100 lucky members, they will continue with the website. Otherwise, they will leave the site by providing their valuable articles to the website and getting nothing in return.

So, coming back to the question. I hope you are now very clear on whether Bubblews is a legitimate site or it is a scam. Use your brain and protect yourself from getting cheated. I hope you agree with me and If you don't, you must be one among those 100 lucky members.

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