Thursday, October 2, 2014

Newsline : Get $1 for a 50-100 word post (better than Bubblews)

Newslines is a very cool site that pays you $1 for every news you post there. The concept is very simple just lie the topics on the site. You can post almost any news. All you have to do is to search for ongoing events and news in a newspaper or a news channel website. You just have to pick a news from there and then write it in your own words on Newslines. The best part is that you get paid $1 for every post.

Writing a 50 to 100 words post and that too by searching on a news channel is quite an easy job. It will hardly take a few minutes to create a post on Newslines. However, your post needs to get approved in order to get a reward of $1. You can write on almost any news you came across on the internet or a newspaper. Have a look over a post from the Newslines to get an idea of how a Newslines post looks like.

Newslines will prove to be a good competitor to Bubblews because of its simple and easy to understand concept. Also, there is no limit on how many posts you can post on Newslines. You can posts hundreds of posts in a single day if you want. If all of them get approved, you'll get paid $100 for those 100 posts. Right now, Newslines is open for only Native English speaker and that can disappoint the Asian people a lot. I hope they allow members from every part of the world in future.

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