Monday, February 10, 2014

A review of Postanyarticle (A Bubblews like site that allows you to earn money quite easily)

If you are fed up with cancelled payments on Bubblews and think that they are becoming unfair with you, then this is the right time to leave that site. A new Bubblews like website is available on the internet which is more reliable than Bubblews and more transparent to its members. The website is Postanyarticle abbreviated as PAA.

PAA is a website where members can post short articles and earn revenue on them. Yes, you can post very short articles on PAA because the minimum word limit is 100 words per article. So, you need not to be a professional writer to earn from PAA.

PAA is owned by the founder of the sites Full of Knowledge (FoK) and Expert Pages (EP). The site has only a few rules that can easily be followed by anyone. The best part is that you can post your previous content PAA and earn revenue on that too.

The website shares 75% of the revenue with the members and keeps 25% with itself. The pay rate keeps on changing every month. Sometimes, it is around $10 per thousand views and sometimes it is below that. There was also a time when the pay rate was $41 per 1000 views. Currently, in the month of Feb, 2014, the pay rate is $4.96 per thousand views.

To redeem your earnings from PAA, practically, you don’t have to do anything because it is an automated process. Your earnings of current month will be paid during the end of the next month. They take 28 days to process your earnings. So, your January earnings will be paid in the end of February. To accept the payments, you must have a verified PayPal account.

To test the legitimacy of the website, one of our team mates join that website in December, 2013. He posted a few articles there and stopped posting after he got 120 page views. At the end of January, he received $0.36 in his PayPal account from PAA. So, it is clear that the site PAA is genuine and not a scam. You must try that site and share your experience if you are already their member.

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