Saturday, February 8, 2014

Top 5 websites to earn money quite easily on the internet

If you are an unemployed, you must be in search of a high paying job. However, it is not an easy job to find a good job for you. In fact, jobs are hard to find in current market conditions. The lack of job opportunities is forcing people to search for some online earning opportunities.

Practically, it is advisable to go for a real job rather than searching an online job. However, if you are an unemployed person, you can go for some free ways to make money online. However, earning money online is not an easy job. It is like a trial and error practice. There are a lot of websites for making money online. However, you can’t tell first whether the site is genuine or fake before joining it. So, to minimize you efforts in trying a lot of websites before actually earning anything, I am providing you a list of genuine websites where you’ll get paid for sure.

Bubblews : Bubblews is a website where you’ll get paid for posting your articles. You don’t require any special skills to be a member on Bubblews. Just join the website and start posting. For every single post, you are eligible to earn some money. You will get paid $0.01 for every view, likes and comments that your posts get. In short, you’ll get $10 for 1000 views which is not a bad deal. However, there is a major drawback of Bubblews. A lot of members are reporting lost payments and are getting no response from Bubblews staff. However, there are also some members who are earning over $30 every day. So, you can give this site a try.

GAIN : Gain is a fun app that lets you learn trading. All you have to do is to play thegame and earn money. Actually, it is a simulator where you can trade in real world. Don’t worry about the loss of money because you are not investing anything. The money you are trading is their money. You’ll lose nothing even if the market goes down. However, you will earn some points if the market gains you something on your trade. They will pay you for bringing some profit through your trade. But, they will never charge you even if your trade caused them a loss.

Postanyarticle : Post Any Article (PAA) is a new website that is similar to Bubblews. However, it is not as powerful as Bubblews. Here, you’ll get paid only for the page views your posts get. The best part is that you will get your revenue every month directly into your PayPal account. You are not required to redeem your earnings. The site pays you 50% of the revenue and keeps 50% with itself. One major drawback of the site is that it is relatively new website   and has less traffic. Also, the website’s overall look and design is not good. So, don’t expect much from this website. However, the site will do well in future as it is increasing its member count.

Webanswers : Webanswers is the easiest way to earn some money online in your spare time. But, you must have an Adsense accout in order to earn from this website. It is a question answer website where anyone can post questions. The members registered on the site can give answers to the questions posted on the site. If your answer is chosen as the best answer, you will earn ongoing royalties on that question. You will get 60% of the total revenue share generated by that question. The rest of the revenue is taken by the website. In case your answer is not selected as the best answer, you will still earn some revenue for answering that question. Webanswers is an old and trusted site and you’ll receive good traffic on that site. You can really earn good amount monthly if you spend a few hours daily on this site.

Dollarduration : This is an online investment website. But, don’t get scared because the site is legitimate and is registered in UK. The site offers you 2% daily returns on your investment for 100 days. If you are still scared, then let me tell you that the minimum investment amount is $1 which is not a big amount to lose. Also, they are giving $1 as a referral bonus to their members. Your referral bonus will be added to your investment amount. So, if you don’t want to invest your money, you can still earn by referring others to this website.

Stay tuned for more such websites as we will be updating our site with latest information on how you can easily earn money on the internet. If you like our list, please share it with your friends and let them earn too. Happy earnings!


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