Saturday, July 12, 2014

Persona Paper review : A website similar to Bubblews

Persona Paper is a new content sharing website that is similar to Bubblews. When I say it is “similar to Bubblews”, it means it is almost same in concept to Bubblews. Infact, they use terms like Bank that is present only on Bubblews. But, practically speaking, the site looks much better and promising as compared to Bubblews. Let’s have a deeper look about on this site.

Persona Paper is a content sharing website where users get paid for sharing their content. By content I mean a genuine article that is atleast 500 characters long. Bubblews has a limit of atleast 400 characters.
Persona paper will pay you  for the views, likes, dislikes and comments on your articles. For each single view, like, dislike and comment, you’ll get a coin. Persona Paper credits your rewards in terms of coins. Coin is like points that are exchangeable for cash. Let’s understand the concept of coin system in detail.

For every unique view on your article, Persona Paper will reward you with a coin. The value of coin depends on the reveue that the site is generating. The current value of 1 coin is $0.001. The current value is quite low because the site is just launched and the site owner doesn't have money to give to his members. The site is targeting a high exchange rate for their coins. Their goal is to reach the rate of $0.01 per coin or above.

You need not to worry about the calculation of your coins value. That value will automatically be calculated and reflected in the “Bank” section of your account. Once you have accumulated $5 in your account, you can go for redemption. The form will appear on the “Bank” section once you have reached the minimum redemption threshold.

The site’s support is very active and friendly. They do their best to answer every query of their members. They are also planning to launch new updates to avoid spam. The best example is their comment system. Just like Bubblews, you’ll get paid for every single comment on your article on Persona Paper. But, there’s a limit to it. You will be paid for only two comments by a single user per post. Sounds confusing? Let me clear it out.

Suppose a person comments 5 times on your single post. Then, only first two of his comments will be counted as valid comments for reward. You’ll get paid two coins for the first two comments by that user. You won’t get anything for rest of the three comments. If there are 2 people who commented on your posts 5 and 7 times respectively, then you’ll get paid 4 coins (two from both users). This is to avoid the misuse of comment system.

The major difference between Bubblews and Persona Paper is that Bubblews owner wants members to take care of every rule (most of them are hidden) while the owner of Persona Paper is taking care of the system so that User’s cannot mistakenly break any rule. I like this thinking and that’s why joined this site “Persona Paper”.

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