Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tips and tricks to earn more on Bubblews

If you are one of the lucky writers who are getting paid for their work, then you must be looking for maximizing your earnings. If your payments are not cancelled for any reason, then you can easily earn a few hundred dollars every month on Bubblews. However, to do this, you must follow some good practices. While posting their content on Bubbblews, people usually focus on posting 10 posts per day. But, that's not the best way of maximizing your earnings on Bubblews.

You will find some really helpful tips i this article that will surely help you to earn more money on Bubblews. Just follow the below mentioned tips and you'll surely find a gradual increase in your monthly earnings on Bubblews.

Getting likes and views : This is the most important part. You must get sufficient likes and views to increase your earnings. The best way to do that is increase your interaction with others. When you are not posting, try to comment on others' posts. But be careful while commenting. Do not post generic comments like "nice post", "thanks for sharing", etc. Try to comment regarding the subject matter. Always comment an open ended question to begin an interaction with the person. This will help you to get known by others on Bubblews. So, once they start interacting with you, they will surely bookmark your profile and try to visit there daily. This will ensure a set of member for you who will like and comment on your posts. Thus, you'll see a great change in your earnings per post.

Posting your content : While posting something on Bubblews, people focus only on posting and forget rest of the other important things. After posting your post, you must reply immediately to the commentors on your post. This will give you an opportunity to start a good conversation on your post. After posting, you must also start taking a look over your recent notifications. Try to comment on most of your connections posts in the notifications. This will let them reply on your post back.

When to post your next post : Many people on Bubblews write and save their posts as drafts. They publish three or four posts simultaneously. This is the biggest mistake that you can ever commit on Bubblews. If you post 3-4 posts simultaneously on Bubblews, then your followers can like or comment only one of those posts. This is because, when they'll see a notification of your new posts, they will visit one of your posts for liking or commenting. After reading your post, when they will again go back to their notifications tab, your rest of the post notifications might have lost under other members' posts notifications. So, it is advisable to maintain a gap of atleast 15 minutes between your two consecutive posts.

Make friends : This is the most important and the slowest process too. Since Bubblews is a social network, you must focus on making friends too. This inturn, will help you to get more likes, views and comments. The more you make friends, better will be your visibility on Bubblews. People always want to communicate with their friends. Make a bonding with others on Bubblews. Increase your friend circle.

If you keep following these simple tips on Bubblews, you will surely get benefited in terms of your earnings on Bubblews.

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