Sunday, September 14, 2014

Digital Ocean pays you $200 for writing tutorials

Digital Ocean is a community of contributors who contribute tutorials in the community. These tutorials are based on your skills. You have the freedom to choseyour subject on which you want to write a tutorial. It is a great place for you if you are from technology background because you can post several technology related tutorials on Digital Ocean. The bet part is that they pay you $200 for full length articles and $100 for short ones. Have a look over the subjects of some recently posted tutorials on Digital Ocean:

Since the website has been live for quite a long time, you are advised to check whether the tutorial you are going to write is already present on the site or not. If the tutorial is already there on the site, you’ll not be able to publish your work. So, it is always better to pitch your ideas to the Admin throgh the contact form. This way, you’ll never waste your efforts on something that is already there on the site.

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