Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bubblews : Earn money online from social networking

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are very common amongst people. People often spend a lot of time on social networks while chatting with their friends, watching their videos and pictures, etc. The increasing number of social network users had made it a profitable business for the owners of social networking site owners. However, the users of social networks, who bring all the revenue and profits to the site owner, get nothing in return. This is very bad because we spend a lot of time on Facebook and get nothing in return. This scenario has now be changed by a social networking website called Bubblews.

Bubblews is a social networking website that pays its members for their time on the site. All the revenue generated is shared 50-50 among the users and the site owner. All you have to do is to use the website just like Facebook. Post whatever you like, like and comment on others’ posts, etc. It is very simple to use and you can start earning from the day you join it.

You will get revenue share whenever someone visits your profile, read your posts, likes your posts, comments, etc. There will be some ads on your pages and these will be the main source of income. The more visitors mean the more exposure of ads on your pages.

You can redeem your earnings once you have accumulated $25 in your account. You can redeem your amount in the form of check or through PayPal or Visa gift card. Bubblews is the simplest way to earn money online. Try it, you will love it!
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