Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get paid for thinking words

If you can think some good keywords that are searched by people on the internet, then you can earn money by trading these words. These words are called as “tags” and the process of trading these tags is called tag trading.

Tag village is a website that allows you to trade tags. All you have to do is to think of some good keywords. Then, you will have to buy these keywords for as low as $1 from Tag village.

Advertisers pay Tag village for showing their ads on various Webpages. Tag village show these ads based on some tags. The revenue generated by any tag is shared with the tag owner. Owner gets 10% of the total revenue generated from that tag. For example, suppose you have bought a tag “Earn money” for $1 from Tag village. Now suppose the tag “Earn money” has generated $1000 in revenue. Since you are the owner of this tag, you will get $100 as a commission from this tag. If you buy more tags, you will earn more revenue.

There is also an option to sell your tags. If there is a case when you want to sell your tag, you can easily do so by selling it to another trader. You will earn 82% of the sales price. The sales price is 140% more than you paid for the tag.

Apart from tag trading, you can also earn by referring your friends to Tag village. There is a 3 level referral plan at Tag village. They pay 3% on your 1st level referrals, 2% on 2nd level referrals and 2% on third level referrals.

Tag trading is a new concept and is not known to many of the people. So, there are more chances of buying good tags in the beginning. There are a lot of good tags that are still available for purchase. So, grab these tags and maximize your profit.

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