Sunday, September 22, 2013

NewsModo : Sell your stories, videos, news and photos to earn money online

Once again, we are here with a very new concept of an online job. This time, it is News Modo. The site is dedicated to find a freelancer that suits best to the requirements of a publisher. Please don’t get feared with the terms “Publishers” and “Freelancers”. The first thing that you should know is that this is not a usual freelancer website like Odesk and Elance. So, you need not to be a coder, graphics designer or any other skilled person in order to earn money from this website.

The concept of News Modo is very simple. The publishers post the briefs on the website. The brief is the requirements of the publisher. The requirement can be a news, a story, an interview with a person, a video, some photos, etc. If you think that you have what the publisher wants, then you can simply pitch to his brief. Each brief has a title, location (if relevant), description, price and deadline.

If you already have news or a story to sell, you can find a relevant brief from the website and then pitch that brief. You can also pitch a brief even if you don’t have the story ready at that moment. You can complete the story in the given deadline after the confirmation from the publisher. If you complete the story within the deadlines, you get the stated commissions for completing that assignment.

The publishers on the website are usually the news channels, magazine publications and story publishers. So, the earning potential of a freelancer is very high on News Modo. If you search for some briefs on the website, you will get to know that publishers are willing to pay $1000, $5000, $10000 and more for a single assignment. So, if you have something interesting, whether it is a news, video, an interview or a story, you can really make a huge amount of money by selling it on News Modo.

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