Saturday, August 3, 2013

Top 10 ways to increase your blog's traffic

Blogging has become a hobby of a lot of persons. They love to update their blog in spare time. While some treat it as a hobby, others have made it a profession. People who know the power of blogging have found the ways to monetize it. If your blog is getting a huge traffic, it is better to monetize it. Some people prefer part time blogging while others rely totally on it for their income. In today’s world, it is easy to start your own blog. But, the irony is that it is really a difficult task to attract visitors to your blog. The amount you earn from your blog depends on the traffic that your blog receives. So, in order to maximize your earnings, you must first maximize the traffic on your blog.

Given below are the top 10 ways to increase traffic on your blog:
1)      Content is king : You must have heard that for any blog, content is the king. This is not just a saying. In fact, it is the reality. Google search algorithm is designed to reward the good content websites and blogs. So, if you have poor quality content, you may not get sufficient visits to monetize your blog. Try to write a quality blog with no grammatical mistakes.It is often seen that people just copy content from other sites and paste it on their blog. Doing this will definitely ruin the image of your blog. Also, Google blacklists such blog and websites and they will never appear in search results on Google. So, it is advised to always write your original content on your blog.      
2)      Write on interesting topics : If a visitor comes to your blog and finds the content of your blog to be boring and dull, he will never return to your blog in future. So, try to write about interesting subjects. You can do a research about the current trends on internet. The people searching about those topics will definitely come to your blog.
3)      Create back links : Back link is a link on a website or blog that will redirect to your blog. Back links are vital for the success of any blogs. Also, the traffic rank of your blog depends on the number of back links it has. So, in order to increase your blog’s traffic, you must increase the back links to your blog.In order to increase back links, you can mention the links of your blog posts as a comment in other blogs similar to your blog. But, do not spam as it will affect the reputation of your blog. You can also write articles on other websites and include your blog’s links in that article. But, before posting links to your blog on any other blog or website, make it sure that the website or blog has good traffic ranking. You can check that by visiting Usually, websites having traffic ranking below 80,000 are ideal for posting back links.    
4)      Use social networking : Social networking is a powerful platform and you can utilize it to promote your blog too. After posting your blogs, you must share them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This will make your blog posts visible to your friends and followers. This will result in increased traffic to your blog.You can also create a Facebook page for your blogs where you can share your latest blog posts. All the people who have liked your page will be able to see your latest blog posts.

5)      Allow others to share your blog : It may be possible that after visiting your blog, someone likes it so much that he wants to share it with his friends. In that case, you must provide the social sharing option options on your blog. You can easily get the code for including a Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest share buttons. However, as an alternative, you can put an “Add this” toolbar on your blog. Add this toolbar allows the visitors of your blog to share your blog through hundreds of social media including Facebok, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and several others.
6)      Search engine submission : If you have created a blog, only you know its URL. In order to include it in the search results of search engines like Google, you must submit it to them. Usually, a search engine crawls the entire web from time to time to include the new websites. However, the process takes time and you may have to wait for several months. So, it is better to manually submit your blog’s URL to major search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Rediff, etc. You can easily find the URLs on the internet where you can submit your blog on these search engines.
7)      Directory submission : You can submit your blog’s URL to various directories for listing Some directories offer this service for free while others do charge a fee. If you don’t want to pay, you can go for free listing. The top 5 directories that offer free listing are DMOZ, Internet Public Library, ExactSeek, SoMuch and Web World Directory. Top 5 paid directories are Yahoo directory,, Best of the web, and Directory journal.  

8)      Paid promotion : if you have a budget to promote your blog, you can advertise your blog to increase its visibility. But, be careful while selecting the ad network to promote your blog. Never choose the cheap PTC websites for promoting your blog. They pay their members for viewing the ads. The member will never read the content of the advertisement of your blog. He will only be interested in the reward that he will get for clicking on your advertisement.The best ad network to promote your blog is Google Adwords. Google Adwords list your ad on Google search along with the search results. Your ads are shown if the person has searched something related to your ads. That means you will only get the targeted traffic.             
9)      Write a review of your blog : You can write the review of your blog on various websites. This will let the users to know more about your blog. Also, this will help in increasing the back links to your blog. You can also write an introduction of your blog on various article submission websites. If you have some money, you can pay others to write about your blog on their websites and blogs.

10)   Regular updating : You must update your blog regularly. If your blog becomes passive, its visibility will also affect. You may not get your blog posts in top results on Google search. Try to post at least 3-4 blogs every week. Make it a habit to update and improve the content of your blog.


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