Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zurker : Earn money from home through social networking

Earning money from social networks is a point of debate in the recent few years. With the huge success of Facebook, everyone gets to know that Social networking is a profitable business. The business is carried out by the members. But, the irony is that they get nothing in return. This scenario has been changed by a new social network called as “Zurker”.

Zurker is a new social network that is owned by its members. If you join Zurker at this time, you will become its owner too and you will have a chance to get a part of overall earnings of Zurker.

Zurker has also introduced a new currency called the Zen. They guarantee the currency to be stable in value. As a member, you will earn Zen and can convert it into any desired currency while redeeming it to your account.

Since, Zurker is a new social network, it is rewarding you for bringing in new members to Zurker. The more members you will bring, better will be your earnings. The website is absolutely free to join. So, try it and earn from it!

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