Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Online surveys : Legitimate or scam ?

“Online surveys” is a well known term among people who look for an online job. Whenever you search on Google for free ways to earn money online, you will definitely get some paid online surveys websites in search results. People often get confused with these sites. They think that they will earn a regular income from online surveys. But the reality is completely different.

People often consider online surveys an online job. However, in reality, online surveys are completely different from online jobs. Online job is something that gives you a monthly assured income. On the other hand, online surveys give you a small reward for each survey completed. So the best term to describe an online survey is “Online earning opportunity” and not an “Online job”.

How you get paid from online survey websites?

Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Many big companies want to get the opinion of common people about a particular topic. This information helps these companies to develop products according to the people’s needs and requirements. Online survey websites act as a middle man between these companies and consumers. They collect this information from people and hand it over to the companies. The companies pay the online survey websites for this information. The online survey websites distribute a part of this amount among its participating members. The overall process takes some time to complete and this is the reason why you don’t get paid immediately after completing an online survey.

Online survey websites send the survey invitations to its members directly into their inbox. On completing these surveys, members get the reward associated with that particular survey.
How to distinguish between a legitimate and a scam online survey website?
There are a lot of online survey websites available on the Internet. You can join any of them. But before joining, please make sure that they are genuine and not a fraud. Following are some points that you should keep in mind before joining an online survey website :

  •         A real online survey website will never charge you any registration money. They are completely free to join.

  •         A real online survey website will never promise to give you a fixed monthly income.

  •         Online surveys will never make you rich. They just provide you an extra pocket money.

 If you remember these points, you will never be get scammed by a fraudulent online survey website.

List of some legitimate online survey websites

Now, when you know all the important points regarding online surveys, let’s have a look over some real online survey websites that are known to pay their members on time.

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