Friday, January 25, 2013

A great way to earn money online for Indians

There are very few real online earning opportunities that are for Indians. One such opportunity is “ Ipanel Online “. Ipanel online is an online market research community. As a member of their community, you will receive online surveys which you will have to complete to earn rewards. You will receive the survey invitations directly into your mail inbox. On completing the survey, your account will be credited with the reward points for that particular survey.

Ipanel online is an old and trustworthy online survey company. It has been in the market for a very long time and it has almost 2 lakh panelists.  

How to earn money from Ipanel online?

To earn money from Ipanel, you will have to complete the surveys they send to your inbox. You can also login to Ipanel online website and complete surveys from there. Apart from the regular surveys, you can also complete short surveys that are present on their website. You can also refer your friends to Ipanel in order to earn a referral reward. So, in a nutshell, there are following ways to earn from Ipanel online :

  • By completing online surveys.
  • By completing short polls and surveys.
  • By referring your friends to Ipanel online.

How to redeem your reward points from Ipanel online?

Once, you have accumulated a minimum of 200 points in your account, you can redeem them for cash. For 200 points, you can redeem Rs.200. For 1000 points, you will receive Rs.1000. You can also redeem some cool rewards if your points increase above 1000. The redemption options are given below :

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