Monday, October 29, 2012

Techulator : Online earning opportunity for Indians

Techulator is a revenue sharing website that focuses on technology related technolgy. You can write technology related articles in resource section and discuss technology related subjects in forum section at Techulator. You get paid for your contribution to the website in the form of cash credits and revenue share. Let's understand the concept of these things in detail.

Whenever you post an article in Techulator, you will get some points and cash credits for it. Points play an important role in deciding your membership level. Cash credit is the amount of cash you get as a reward for posting an article. You will get the cash reward once your payment is announced on the website. Payments are announced every month. The website is known to pay its members on time.

Talking about the membership levels, there are 5 membership levels at Techulator based on your points and yearly contribution to the website. The membership levels and their details are given below :

  • Bronze : 0 to 100 points.
  • Silver : 101 to 500 points.
  • Gold : 501 to 5000 points.
  • Diamond : 5001 to 25000 points.
  • Platinum : 25001 and above.
Also, to maintain the Diamond level, you must earn at least 2500 points every year. To maintain the Platinum level, you must earn at least 10000 points every year.

Ways to earn at Techulator

By posting articles : You can post technology related articles in the resource section to earn money. The more you post, greater you will earn.
Contests : They also run a lot of writing contests each month. If you win any of those contests, you will earn some cash as a reward for your work.
Adsense revenue sharing program : You can link your adsense id with Techulator and take the advantage of their revenue sharing program. You will earn 90% revenue on your content including articles and forum posts for a period of 1 year.
Kontera revenue sharing program : Along with Adsense revenue sharing, they also give you an opportunity to earn through Kontera ads. Just register with Kontera and link your Kontera account with Techulator to start earning additional revenue.
Referral program : They also have a referral program that allows the members to earn some cash for referring others to join the website. The referral rewar increases as your referral’s membership level increases to next level.



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