Monday, October 29, 2012

Seekyt : Adsense + Chitika revenue sharing program

Seekyt is a revenue sharing websites like hubpages and others. But, writng articles at Seekyt is a different experience. Like other revenue sharing websites, Seekyt allows you to monetize your articles with Google Adsense. But that’s not all. Seekyt also has other options to increase your revenue.  Seekyt also provides you with options like CHitika revenue sharing and Amazon affiliates which allows you to maximize your earnings to a much greater extent.
There are many revenue sharing websites where people post their articles and then apply for Adsense account. But, they usually don’t get their Adsense request approved. They keep on posting good articles, but they get nothing in return. This problem is solved by Seekyt by providing an option to use your Chitika id to monetize your articles. Also, you can sign up with Amazon affiliates and earn commissions on the products sold.
The best part of writing at Seekyt is its simple interface. Even, you can use Seekyt through mobile phones to post your articles. Some cool points regarding Seekyt are mentioned below :
You need not to have an Adsense account to earn revenue.
You can use Chitika and Adsense that are quite easy to get.
You need not to write a huge article. Articles at seekyt are usually small.
Only first three of your articles are moderated, after that you can post your articles directly without getting approval from the Admin or moderators.
Also, if you have an Adsense account, you will earn from that too. Seekyt gives you an opportunity to earn 70% of the revenue share for lifetime on your articles and journals. The rest 30% goes to the Admin of the site.


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